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Every great design begins with an even better story

I'm James Dean Caldwell, a well seasoned web developer with the creativity and design skills to bring ideas to life.


Web Design &

Over 10 years experience designing and building dynamic websites for e-commerce, events, and organizations. Hard earned experience has put me at the top of my profession.



I design fast, efficient user interfaces that get your website visitors to the information and products they need when they need it and user experiences that are painless.



My skills utilizing time tested print media offers employers an added bonus by saving money that would have otherwise been spent outsourcing graphic designer print projects.



My written communication skills allow for an extended reach through the use of publications via press releases, brochures, blogs, user manuals, catalogs, and even traditional books.

Web Marketing

With an impressive track record and nearly a decade of industry experience developing and implementing web marketing strategies, I can optimize your online marketing campaigns to fast track successful return on investments (ROI).


I know what it takes to improve page rankings and have the skills required to get results. I develop well written, organized, and specific content that major search engines are placing higher value on when returning search queries.

Custom Wordpress

I design and develop custom Wordpress themes, plugins, and admin dashboards that are tailored specifically to my client’s needs and objectives. I also customize major plugins to optimize security, SEO, E-commerce, and many other web applications.


I’m an expert at building E-commerce websites that make money. From professional product images to effective product descriptions, I know how to put it all together to deliver product presentations that turns “clicks” into profits.


I’m a top-notch graphic designer who knows how to visually convey ideas across a broad range of media. My style is simple and straight forward. I have designed many unified branding creatives that companies distribute globally.

Responsive Design

Being able to design for a multitude of devices, screen sizes, and browsers is mandatory in today’s market. I have the science of shuffling layouts down to pixel perfection. Reaching your audience is my top priority.

Quality Control

I won’t publish something until I’ve thoroughly tested, retested, and proofed it very well. There’s nothing worse than a broken website, dead link, or a page riddled with typos or bad grammar. Error free deliverables are key to success.


Completing projects on time and on budget is what sets me apart from my colleges. Effectively managing projects and manpower is a skill I’ve learned hands on over the years through academic and professional assignments.

Deadpool anime by James Caldwell

Deadpool Animation

Book cover by James Caldwell

Book Cover

Typography by James Caldwell


Sample UI / UX design by James Caldwell

UI / UX Sample

Greenstream Internation Human Resources poster series, poster four

Motivational Poster One

Greenstream International Human Resources poster series, poster three

Motivational Poster Two

Greenstream International Human Resources poster series, poster two

Motivational Poster Three

Greenstream International Human Resources poster series, poster one

Motivational Poster Four

Motor Controls Incorporated MCI website Home page

MCI Website

Water Equipment Technologies WET website Home page

WET Website

Steeline Enclosures website Home page

Steeline Enclosures Website

MCI Flowtronex website Home page

MCI Flowtronex Website

MCI Parts website Home page

MCI Parts Website

Old MCI website Home page

Old MCI Website

Iowa Ag website Home page

Iowa Ag Website

Turbo-Bond website Home page

Turbo-Bond Website

NAPE event website Home page

Nape Convention Website

Congress of Neurological Science event website Home page

CNS Convention Website

CBS Sports event website Home page

CBS Sports Website

Shoulder Screws website Home page

Shoulder Screws Website

Native American Pow-Wow event poster

Pow-Wow Event Poster

Native American banknote concepts

Banknote Concepts

Native American Chief appointment certificate

Appointment Certificate

Dark Native American art with a medicine wheel and wolf

Medicine Wolf Poster

Flowtronex brochure image

Flowtronex Brochure

MCI brochure image

MCI Brochure

WET brochure image

WET Brochure

My Work

James Dean Caldwell

Office image of James Caldwell
Professional image of James Caldwell

My name says it all, right?  Maybe not all but a lot for sure.  I’m a graphic designer / web developer who has a passion for expressing ideas through visual creatives.

I took that passion to college where I became a Visual Communications major, earned a membership with the International Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa), and graduated with Honors.

Reach out to me directly for appointments, consultations, and interviews using a method below. Text messages are preferred and will receive a faster response.