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I am considered by most to be trustworthy, creative, talented, and reliable. I have proven to instructors, employers, friends, and family that I have what it takes to make any project a success.

As the Web Administrator for Motor Controls Incorporated, I'm held responsible for all of the company's web operations. This responsibility has allowed me the opportunity to expand my skill set, design and develop MCI's global branding and reputation, greatly increase company revenue, and move the company forward with online operations.

Since becoming part of Motor Control's team, I have built five new websites (two e-commerce and three info websites), pushed page rankings to the top of search results, designed and developed business marketing and branding media, created and streamlined online operating procedures, and I have gained the respect and admiration of fellow workers through competency and hard work.

While working for GL Huyett as the Web Marketing Manager, I was tasked with the design, development, and marketing of numerous e-commerce websites. I worked remote from my home office for GL Huyett who was based in Kansas. I was part of a new initiative to build a network of industrial manufacturing companies which encompassed entire suppliy chain in their respective industries. This network was similar to Amazon but exclusively for business (B2B). These e-commerce websites had thousands of products for which I was responsible for designing product labels, product images, product descriptions, and product specifications. In some cases I design complete branding creatives and strategies.

After these websites were completed, It was my job to develop complete web marketing strategies and SEO to build brand awareness, increase web traffic, and expand over all web operations within the entire network. My hard work and experience made this operation successfukl and profitable for all more


The role as Webmaster with Tech Gear 5.7 allowed me to expand on my personal and professional objectives. I learned valuable management, technology, business, and marketing skills which gave me insights to employee and client facing relations.

I learned what it takes to be a leader and a team member through hard earned hands on experience. The opportunity with Tech Gear has shown me what it takes to step up productivity, improve company infrastructure, online marketing strategies, and increase revenue.

Through the policies I helped set, technology upgrades I implemented, and online/employee management I was able to stabilize and promote Tech Gear 5.7 as a contender in the United States outerwear market.

My position as a Web Developer with Wyndham Jade has allowed me to gain valuable corporate experience. I work with various web technologies, production platforms, and database applications to build and maintain websites, program registration badges. All are required to meet complicated business rules for large conventions consisting of attendees in access of 10,000 members.

I’ve attended many of these events across the U.S. to offer onsite IT support which consists of bringing multiple workstations online, debugging technical issues, any on-the-spot custom programming requested by the client to websites, badges, or other media, and any other IT issue which may require an immediate solution and implementation.

After starting with CIGR8 as the Administrative Assistant to the Chairman, CFO, and COO, I was promoted to Executive Assistant and quickly given authority over an array of operations. These included HR (interviewing, hiring, and management of new employees for the Dallas location), securing retail, office, and warehouse facilities, writing and publishing national press releases, in depth research reports, coordinating logistic operations between nationally and internationally, organizing, securing, and maintaining a partnership for a limited edition prod- uct line, assisted in designing, developing, and implementing the production of new products, package designs, user manuals, and monthly magazine advertisements. I also set up government business accounts, vendor accounts, and coordinated transitional operations from Las Vegas with Dallas.

Within two months of employment I was offered a raise and promoted to the position of Executive Assistant and given the responsibility of overseeing all Dallas operations while the executives were in a prolonged stay in China. I consistently met tight deadlines and successfully helped to restructure sales operations and increase revenue through national travel, weekly video conferences and effectively working remote with China and Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, and Miami to organize, maintain, and grow the Dallas operation.

After 1 month of starting a new position with Greenstream International Austin, I was promoted to the IT department where I designed, coded, and developed all components of a software application that automated the process that my company used to data clear and factory reset mobile devices.

Within 2 months of another promotion to the Online Department at Greenstream International, I designed and developed an eBay store front and assisted in raising monthly online sales by 200%. After a transfer to the GSI Dallas facility, I assisted in created a brand new eBay store from the ground up. Within 2 months of operation, the Dallas Greenstream International facility became number one for sales for the first time in company history.

Again, I received another promotion to the administrative side of the company. This opportunity entailed wearing many hats. I was still responsible for building, maintaining, and updating all company websites but I also ran the front desk and assisted Human Resources with the hiring, paperwork, interviews, appointments, collaborations, and employee motivational programs.

My final promotion was to the position as an Administrative Assistant. Within 2 weeks of the new position, I helped to automate the departmental reporting process by using my knowledge of business and graphic software skills to generate complex hourly production reports. I placed these reports online allowing each department to access accurate production information at the click of a button.

My dedication to academic success has earned me an invitation and a place within the International Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa), and a place on the Dean’s Honor Roll. Instructors have asked to use my student projects as teaching aids for their college level courses, placed my campaign projects as the main attraction in school art exhibits, and entered various pieces of my best work in state competitions. Finally, upon graduating from college, I was asked to become an instructor for the Visual Communications department teaching web design and web development.

As a Webmaster with Tech Gear5.7 I was responsible for all of the company’s online operations. I managed 2 employees (a Web Developer and a Graphic Designer) to create, build, and update the company’s three eCommerce websites.

Being responsible for all online strategies, marketing, and branding, I implemented SEO / PPC, Social Media, graphic design (product photos/videos), product descriptions, engaging webpage copy/content, and targeted email campaigns. Some of the tools I used to increase traffic and ROI were Google Adwords/Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and MailChimp.

Using my IT background, I implemented modern technologies to strengthen the company’s communication and collaboration infrastructure. These technologies included but were not limited to G-Suite, JIRA (Core), mySQL databases, and wireless networking helped unify company communication through the use of weekly video meetings, company email accounts, real-time document collaboration/sharing, issue tracking (work flow management), database queries to collect, create, and manage client accounts, and upgrades to operating systems, software (Adobe/Microsoft), and computer hardware. My efforts increased online revenues, client relations, and set the stage for a successful foundation/presence in the United States.

I wore many hats with Tech Gear 5.7 including executive support, online partnerships with Amazon and a network of dealerships across the USA. I was actively involved with Human Resources and policy implementation, customer service initiatives, shipping/inventory logistics, reporting, and I worked closely with sales reps to create online UI/UX applications to streamline purchasing and contracting.

I’m truly a unique hybrid with an impressive skill set, hands on experience, quick learner, work well as a team member or individually, and I’m able to bring valuable insights and productivity to the table.

I was brought onboard with Wyndham Jade as a front end web developer December 23, 2014. This was an entry level position with the understanding that I would be taught the technologies Wyndham Jade utilized in their day-to-day IT operations. These technologies included but were not limited to Oracle12c, SQL, coldFusion, XML, Xpath, XSLT, and proprietary software created by Wyndham Jade to implement and manage convention operations (registration, housing, corporate travel, and incentives).

I was responsible for building the event housing websites, delegating the registration websites to the appropriate registration developer, compiling both the registration and housing components for event websites that had both housing and registration business rules, quality control, create and implement supporting graphics, and delivering finished websites to the account managers.

I was also tasked with programing registration badges, building the onsite portals to print these badges, and quality control for the event badges.

Another main component for my job description was to travel abroad to attend these conventions for IT support. I was responsible the trouble shooting network problems and any on-the-spot changes that were needed. My onsite tasks included setting up the router, 10 or more registration stations (Zebra printers and laptops) for client “temps” to operate during the convention, and ensuring the event registrations ran smoothly.

I also was responsible for day-to-day operations, which included support issues submitted via JIRA (workflow/project tracking software). These tickets included everything from website and badge creation/changes, updates to problems with servers, online tools, and new business rules to be implemented for event operations.

Ongoing projects included rebuilding the internal website that generated metric and analytic for event reports that clients used to track real-time progress and compiling a training manual for all new IT employees transitioning into the team.

The workflow followed this example: A JIRA ticket was submitted for a new housing and registration website. That ticket included attachments provided by the client and account managers, which included MS Word and Excel smart documents, banners, business rules/conditions. I would sub-task the registration site to a Registration Developer and began work on the housing website.

My sites were built using coldFusion, SQL queries which interacted with an Oracle Database (which pulled member information, etc…), html, css, and some javaScript. The sites were expected to be mobile responsive and comply with client/Wyndham Jade branding standards. I was also responsible for creating the html email confirmations (html, xpath, xslt) that were sent to a members upon completion of an online registration, hotel reservations, or both.

Once all website components were completed, I compiled them into one website, ran quality control tests on both housing and registration processes to ensure the websites were bug free and fully compliant to company standards, and then submitted the finished website to the account managers for inspection. If any changes were need, I would make the changes and put the website on the Wyndham Jade Production platform and close the ticket by giving the account managers the final URL Most of my websites not only met tight deadlines were delivered well in advance of the due date.

At a later date another JIRA ticket would be submitted to requesting IT to program the event registration badges. This included “proofs” outlining the layout of 1 – 100+ panels that included complicated business rules outlining the conditions in which parts of the panel needed to print.

I performed an in depth quality control of the panels that mimicked every situation in which they were to print outlined in the JIRA ticket. I also built the “Onsite Portal” for the onsite staff to use when event members arrived to pick up their badges or register last minute attendees.

The onsite portal was a complex website that allowed for staff to register, add registrants, track changes, update profiles, and allowed for many operations that included complicated business rules and conditions.

Finally, I travelled across the country to these events to troubleshoot, customize aspects of the badge panels, and/or make changes to the onsite portal. I was responsible for setting up all work stations, ensuring the event had working internet, and had configure a small “SOS” database which contained registered attendees badge information in case the internet connection went down. These events were large (5000+ attendees) and had no room for error.

The clients were well known organizations and expected only the best customer services, and event operations. My CIO received praise about my onsite performance from high profile client organizers, account executives, and team members. I travelled an average of one event per month, built approximately 3-5 event websites a week, and not only learned 5 new programming languages and company software within 1 year but was quickly becoming an expert at what I did.

Reach out to me directly for appointments, consultations, and interviews using a method below. Text messages are preferred and will receive a faster response.